Frank and Oak launches United Tailors

Thought brands with inter-season collections like cruise and pre-Fall were wont to reinvent the wheel on a regular basis? Try one that unveils a completely new collection each month. Established earlier this year, Montreal-based Frank & Oak is an online venture that offers men an entirely fresh selection of casual staples, suiting pieces, and accessories on a monthly basis.

While that might seem too much, too often on first thought, the brand focuses less on disparaging the old and hopelessly fawning over the new, and more on celebrating wearable, timeless core styles; it’s more a case of slightly tweaking – think new colourways and prints, rather than an absolute overhaul every 30 or so days.

Just last week, the e-commerce brand toasted a more formal venture, with the launch of their micro-site United Tailors, a casual-cum-smart tailoring collection that’s comprised of fitted chambray shirts, wool suits, suede belts and handcrafted silk accessories. To give the micro-site the welcome it truly deserves, Frank and Oak managed to source a space on New York’s Crosby Street for a pop-up inspired by the city of Montreal.

Dubbed the Mile End Pop-up Shop, its not-even-a-week-long life span was most likely a case of sky-high Soho rents, but it did aid in building an air of exclusivity around a collection that’s clearly marked as premium in comparison to the mainline.

^ Highlights from Frank and Oak’s mainline

Having copped several a feel of the pieces on display, I can vouch (and this really is rare) that Frank and Oak are offering unbelievably good value for their pricepoints. A shirt or crewneck sweater will set you back just $45 but is most definitely built to last.

Learn more about Frank and Oak | Shop United Tailors 


Paul Costelloe Man at John Lewis for Spring Summer 2011.

I don’t usually feature much Irish design talent here, but that’s generally because most of it is either absorbed into already existing houses/labels or just not supported by the indigenous industry, which isn’t all that well-funded. But, I don’t mean to be rant-y/pessimistic, since this post really is a cause for celebration above all else.
Irish-born designer Paul Costelloe (yes, he of the penchant for crafting pieces perfect for the more minted middle-aged woman), is set to get in on the pop-up party with plans to open a space in John Lewis‘ Flagship store on London’ Oxford St. from the moment his London Fashion Week-opening-show concludes (i.e. the morning of Feb 18th) this coming season.
So what, you might say, since this designer is most definitely not known for his menswear credentials. Still, whilst the the men’s strain of signature Costelloe styles may only have been created in 2009, I reckon it’s set to make waves with everyone from the industry’s top editors to those of you perusing right now.
To add to the mounting hysterical excitement, each look will be dripping with exclusivity for those of you into the sort of thing, as just 10 pieces of each garment will be made available across a range of sizes.

^ Love this look. Who knew a Dublin-born, Paris-trained rather commercial designer could get so subversive/naughty when it comes to menswear? Despite the conservative factors, this combination of fairly delectable pieces proves the result is anything but.

The capsule Paul Costelloe Man SS11 collection (comprising 4 ties, 2 bow ties, 6 shirts, 2 suits, 2 trousers, 4 shorts, 2 jackets, and 3 coats) will be available from the 18th Feb 2011 at John Lewis, Oxford St.